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The LJ Krezip Fan Community

What It Takes

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Do I got what it takes
to be down on the ground like you are (and still go on)
Can I feel what it is
to be loving my life like you’re loving it (cause you’re loving it all)
The strongest will survive
You’ve all got the strength to fight
But haven’t all got the right
Do I got what it takes
to be running to be far away from home
Realize what is to know
not to know if you ever can return (to the ones you love)

This is the LiveJournal fan community for the band Krezip. It's sister to the UJ fan community, Days Like This.

Krezip is a young band from Tilburg, the Netherlands, who have already done up quite a lot of popularity in both their native country and Belgium. Their latest album was a semi-acoustic rerecording of their previous songs, called That'll Be Unplugged, after the success they had with Days Like This and Nothing Less. They are an extremely energetic live band with a musical variety not often seen in bands, with songs varying from near-punkrock to soft ballads and jazz.

If you're not a fan yet, then be sure to check them out on their homepage at http://www.krezip.com.

This community is maintained by halfnorn and kivven.
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