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This community looks...

...kinda dead. That's no good. So if it is I'd like to set up a Krezip community myself because there has to be at least 1!!

Latest news:

Hi everyone!

Our new album is nearly finished and we’ve decided to call it What Are You Waiting For. Things have happened real fast the last couple of weeks. There was so much going on that it was hard to write it all down, but now we’re going to explain everything to you.

In November we started work on a couple of songs in Oscar’s studio. Oscar had had a very busy year, having moved and rebuilt his studio, which wasn’t even completely finished yet. In January we eventually decided that maybe it would be best to finish the album with someone else, so Oscar could devote all his attention to rebuilding his studio. Of course we were very excited by the prospect of working with someone else, because we had never recorded with anyone but Oscar. Fortunately I had met a lot of cool and talented people during my trips to Los Angeles and London. Actually, we almost immediately thought of The Wizardz of Oz, an Australian duo with whom I wrote some songs in Los Angeles. We gave them a call straight away and they could come over to Holland in two weeks time to produce the album. At first I was a bit nervous whether we would get along in the studio and what the rest of the band would think, but from the first day in the studio it was magic!

We spent three weeks in Wisseloord (great studio and they serve delicious meals) and we had a fantastic time there. Before we even realised it, we had everything on tape. Over the last couple of weeks the album has been mixed, and that is almost finished as well. I don’t want to brag, but all six of us are very enthusiastic and to be completely honest, we think it’s a smashing album!
We don’t know the exact date yet, but the album will be released in May, preceded by the first single on April 18th. It looks like it’s gonna work out this way, but of course with us you can never be too sure… ;-)

Meanwhile we’ve already done a photoshoot, the video is being recorded next week and we Anyway, all things concerning What Are You Waiting For are starting to become clear, so we will keep you informed with all the latest news…



And another thing:

The shooting of the new video is cancelled.
The plan was that they would film in Friesland,
but it's snowing heavily there at the moment.
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